How to Track a USPS Money Order

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If you need to pay a bill or pay for a purchase, a money order issued by the United States Postal Service can be a good choice. Postal money orders are available at any post office for a small fee. After buying and mailing a postal money order, you can use the information on the receipt to track the money order and make sure the intended recipient received and cashed it.

Step 1

Visit the post office where you purchased the money order. Bring the receipt you received when you purchased the money order, along with your photo identification.

Step 2

Tell the clerk at the post office that you need to track a postal money order. Give the money order receipt to the clerk.

Step 3

Fill out Form 6401 to track the money order. Be sure to include complete information, including your name, address and money order number. Submit the completed form, along with a $5.40 fee, to the post office clerk. The post office will trace the money order, determine whether or not it has been cashed, and issue a replacement if necessary.


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