How to Track a USPS Money Order

How to Track a USPS Money Order
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If you need to pay a bill or pay for a purchase, a money order issued by the United States Postal Service can be a good choice. Postal money orders are available at any post office for a small fee. After buying and mailing a postal money order, you can use the information on the receipt to track the money order and make sure the intended recipient received and cashed it.

Visit the post office where you purchased the money order. Bring the receipt you received when you purchased the money order, along with your photo identification.

Tell the clerk at the post office that you need to track a postal money order. Give the money order receipt to the clerk.


Fill out Form 6401 to track the money order. Be sure to include complete information, including your name, address and money order number. Submit the completed form, along with a $5.40 fee, to the post office clerk. The post office will trace the money order, determine whether or not it has been cashed, and issue a replacement if necessary.