How to Track the Price of Gold

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The prices of stocks vary and change every single day. The price can rise or drop quickly. Tracking the price of any stock and watching the market for awhile before purchasing the stock can make the decision about good investments easier. Tracking the price of gold is a constant necessity when investing in gold, but it can help avoid sudden drops that result in losses when investing.

Open a web browser and go to a website such as Yahoo Finance, Google Finance or any other financial website that gives live stock market updates.

Type the code for gold in the box. Usually, the box is on the left side of the website near the top. The code for gold is GLD.

Look at the live stock price. The price might rise or fall slightly at any given time while the market is open. This is called the spot price of the gold. Check the spot price of gold for a few days and look at the chart on the bottom for historical changes in price.

Track the price of gold by looking at the London gold fix. The London gold fix updates five times daily with current spot checks. The London gold fix can be found at, under gold charts.