How to Track Mutual Fund Performance

No matter if you are already a seasoned investor or just getting started, it is important to have a system to research mutual funds and stocks before making a purchase. Morningstar's free portfolio manager service is one way to daily track mutual fund performance. This will make you a better-informed investor and more empowered to make higher-quality investment decisions. Also, if you track performance on mutual funds you currently own, you may be able to spot some no longer performing well enough and not worth keeping.

Access the Morningstar website and enroll for the free service (see Resources). Click “Join” in the top right corner.

Click "Join for Free" on the right-hand side of the next page.

Provide your full name, zip code, a username and personal password of your choice. Again, Morningstar provides this service completely free; therefore, no current or future financial commitment is required.

Agree to the terms of the Morningstar website. You then become an official Morningstar member and can begin to use the free Portfolio Manager Tool.

Click on the portfolio manager button to set up your personal portfolio manager and enter the symbols of the mutual funds you would like to track. You can also enter individual stocks and exchange traded funds. After entering all the symbols, you can enter dollar or share amounts, if you desire. This will be useful if you already own the current mutual fund investments you are tracking, since your portfolio manager will track your actual mutual fund portfolio. Each morning, you can receive an email update from Morningstar that will provide the previous day's performance of the investments you added to portfolio manager. Also, be aware that you can customize the information that appears on your personal portfolio manager. For instance, you can add and delete various performance and risk measures. Simply choose the "View" tab, then go into the options under "My View."

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