How to Track a MoneyGram

MoneyGram offers services such as money orders, bill payments and money transfers and has more than 180,000 agents in 190 countries. The company also provides options such as as electronic payments, walk-in payments and disbursement payments. MoneyGram also offers tracking services if your order is lost, stolen, damaged or you simply need to verify information.

Have your money order number. That will give you several ways to track your MoneyGram. First determine whether you think it has been cashed or if you know it has been cashed and need to find out who cashed it.

Call MoneyGram. To track your money order and determine if it has been cashed, have your money order number ready. MoneyGram offers a 24-hour automated status information line. You may also reach MoneyGram customer service by calling 800-542-3590. Also call that number if you have sent a money transfer and need verification of funds received.

Complete a claim form. This allows you to obtain a copy of the front and the back of the cashed money order. Complete and submit a MoneyGram claim card located on its company website and submit a copy of the money order receipt, along with a $15 processing fee. This process takes approximately 30 days to complete.

Request a photocopy of your MoneyGram. Ask for a MoneyGram International ExpressPayment option and receive your photocopy by fax. To qualify to receive this service, the money order has to have been cashed by the payee, the money order must not be more than one year old, and you must provide a fax number to which the photocopy will be sent. Request this service by calling MoneyGram at 800-542-3590 and paying a $24 fee. Or visit a local agent and request a Blue ExpressPayment form. When doing so, use the following information:

Receive Code Company To Pay (MoneyGram money order) City State Account number Home phone: Here you enter your fax number. Allow three business days to receive your fax. Message: Enter your contact phone number.