How to Track a Money Order to See if It Has Been Cashed

When you send a money order to purchase a product or help a friend in need, you want to know that the money you sent reached the person or entity you intended. Following up to see who cashed a money order is a good idea, especially you sent a substantial amount. You might have to pay a small fee to get this information, but the peace of mind is worth the extra cost.

Locate the receipt you received when you bought the money order. All money order services provide customers with a receipt that contains a tracking number or serial number.

Take the money order receipt back to where you purchased the money order. Ask the staff at the bank, post office, credit union or Western Union office for assistance with tracking the order.

Complete any necessary paperwork to initiate the trace on the money order. For instance, the USPS requires customers to complete form 6401 and pay a small fee to track a money order. Western Union also requires customers to complete a form and your bank or credit union might as well.

Submit the required paperwork and the appropriate fee. Mail the form to the address listed to start the inquiry process. You will receive notice in the mail with the date the money order was cashed.