How to Track a Money Order From a U.S. Bank

Money orders are a simple way to send someone money without needing a checking account. However, while the money order is a guarantee to the recipient that the funds are available, the purchaser may not have an easy way to find out whether the money order was received and deposited. A check, debit card or credit card payment, on the other hand, can easily be traced and proven using a statement. Not all banks in the United States can trace their money orders. If this is a feature you require, ask before purchasing.

Check the receipt for your money order for tracking instructions. Most money orders come with a receipt outlining the details of the purchase.

Go to the website of the bank from which you purchased the money order and search for any forms required for tracking. Download, print and complete the paperwork to save time at the bank.

Visit the bank branch and ask them to trace the money order. Be prepared to supply the money order's tracking number and your receipt. The bank may charge a fee to track or replace a money order.


  • Check with your bank before purchasing a money order. Some banks do not offer tracking services. If yours does not, you may want to purchase your money order at a different bank, a financial services outlet or the U.S. Post Office.