How to Trace a Credit Card Transaction for Fraud

How to Trace a Credit Card Transaction for Fraud
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Fraud is a threat to anyone using credit cards. If your credit card information or the card itself is stolen, the thief can rapidly pile up charges and possibly ruin your credit score. If you believe you are a victim of credit card fraud, you should take action immediately. Doing so can prevent you from having to pay for fraudulent purchases.

Check your credit card account regularly. Don't wait for the monthly bill—you can view credit card purchases online at any time.

Note the details of any purchase you believe is fraudulent. Write down the location, the city (if provided), the date the purchase occurred and the reference number.

Contact your credit card company. A customer service number should be on the card. Make your way through the automated responses until you reach a customer service representative.

Give the representative all the information about the suspicious charge. The credit card company will contact the merchant, which should put an alert on your card to watch for any additional purchases. The transaction is usually removed, although if the fraudulent transaction appears before you report the card as stolen, you can be liable for up to $50 of the purchase. If any other fraudulent purchases are made with the card, the company will inform you.