Tips on Applying for Food Stamps

Food stamps provide temporary aid to needy families. Families can purchase groceries from approved categories once they are accepted into the program. With advancements in technology, you can apply for food stamps online. You can increase your chances of acceptance into the food stamp program by adhering to important rules and regulations.


Applications request a large amount of personal data, and you may have to prove it. For example, you may report an income within the stated program guidelines, but in order for your case worker to verify this data, you usually have to provide copies of your pay stubs with your application. Keep your personal financial data organized so that you can easily retrieve information as needed. Avoid sending original copies of your financial data. Make copies to send with your application instead.

Be Honest

Since documentation is needed, it may seem difficult to misrepresent information on your food stamp application. However, your case worker does not verify all of your information. Be sure to report all data as accurately and honestly as possible. If your account ever becomes under review, you can avoid the hassle of suspension or delay in your food stamp benefits because you attempted to omit information. Food stamp fraud is a serious crime punishable by jail in some states.

Be Punctual

Submit requested materials in a timely fashion. Once your application is received, your case worker usually sets up a time to conduct a phone interview. During the phone interview, he asks a series of questions to determine the accuracy of the information included in your application. The case worker may ask you to send certain information in to the food stamp office by a set deadline. Don’t delay your application approval by failing to send in requested documents.

Follow Up

Food stamp offices must send written notification of an application’s acceptance or denial. This time frame is generally within 30 days. In larger cities or cities where there is substantial demand, this period could be up to 60 days. If you have waited longer than 60 days with no response, follow up with your case worker by phone. Your application or approval letter could be lost in the mail. Your case worker can update you on the status of your acceptance and give you information on how much aid you will receive if your application is approved.