Temporary Job Ideas

A temporary job can be something you do to make extra income for a short time or a way to generate income while you look for permanent work. Rather than counting on someone else to supply you with an income, there are many ways you can create your own temporary jobs to generate your own support.

Landscaping Services

You can do landscaping services for people in your immediate neighborhood, or you could expand to other parts of your town or region. Your services can include lawn mowing, lawn edging, weed cutting and removal and sidewalk cleaning. In the winter, in areas where it snows, do snow removal on sidewalks, porches and driveways. Discuss business liability insurance with your insurance agent to protect your business in case there is damage to a client's property. To find clients, start by offering your services to family and friends and ask them to refer you to people they know. Make up informational fliers to take to local businesses that include your contact information and pricing.

Cleaning Services

You can perform cleaning services, such as residential housekeeping and office cleaning. Create two businesses in one by doing garage, basement and attic cleaning and then selling the items you remove for scrap or on online auction websites. If you have extra time during the warmer months, take a bucket, car washing soap and sponge to people in the area and wash cars. The customer provides the water, garden hose and a place to wash the car. You can charge extra for detail services such as waxing and vacuuming, as long as the customer provides the wax and vacuum cleaner. Start offering your service to the people in your neighborhood and ask for referrals. You can also let your family and friends know about your business so that they can hire you and let others know about it.


Grab your toolkit and deliver handyman services. Some of the services you can provide include putting up shelves and putting together furniture kits, wall hole repair, basic plumbing and interior repairs such as replacing window trim and caulking a bathtub. Check with your local business licensing office to see if you need a contractor's license before getting started. Talk to your insurance agent about getting business liability insurance to protect yourself if you damage something while on the job. Network with property developers, landlords and contractors to get your first jobs.

Educational Services

People with musical talent can give music lessons. You can go to the student's home, or you can set up a studio in your home. If you enjoy studying math, social studies or other school subjects, become a tutor to students who need extra help. See if you can offer free tutoring services in the public library and, after a month of experience at the library, let your students know you are moving your tutoring to a private practice. Music teachers can post informational fliers in music stores to find students.