How to Tell If a Product Is Made in the USA?

How to Tell If a Product Is Made in the USA?
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It's important to support the national economy, but it's not always easy. In our increasingly globalized society, it's a challenge to determine which products were actually made in the USA vs. those that are assembled somewhere else or include materials sourced from another country. It is important to do your research before handing over your money.

Made in the USA

A "Made in the USA" tag or sticker on a product doesn't always ensure that all parts and manufacturing originated in the United States. The Federal Trade Commission requires products bearing such stickers to include mostly parts of domestic origin, but there is no strict percentage required. In addition, the FTC does not investigate whether a product truly is "Made in the USA" unless it receives a formal complaint.

Do Your Research

The surest way to find out how much of a product is truly made in the USA is to conduct research. Some companies post product information on their websites that let consumers know where their products are manufactured and their materials are sourced. Other websites, such as, maintain lists of products and brands that are 100 percent made in America.