Help With a TCF Mortgage

With a strong presence in the midwestern United States, TCF has a nearly 100-year old history as Twin City Building and Loan and the Twin City Federal Savings and Loan Association. Going public in 1986, the institution changed its name to TCF Banking and Savings, F.A. (TCF Bank). Later, in 2019, TCH acquired Chemical Bank and relocated the headquarters to Detroit. It maintains full-service branches in Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Colorado.

Offering a wide range of products in consumer banking, wealth management and commercial financial services, TCH is also a major underwriter of residential and business mortgages.

Applying for a TCF Mortgage

Applications for residential mortgages must be made through a TCF branch. Still, the bank has a few mortgage-related resources on its website. A mortgage calculator helps prospective borrowers to estimate monthly payments of principal and interest. In addition, a home loan toolkit takes customers through each step of the home loan process. Finally, the document checklist prepares loan candidates to submit an application with a complete set of supporting records.

The preparation makes the meeting with a loan officer quicker and more efficient. Applicants have fewer questions and loan officers make fewer requests.

Paying Down a TCF Mortgage

For those whose mortgage is held by TCF, there are a number of TCF mortgage payment options. Mortgagors can, of course, bring their remittance to the nearest branch, ATM or operations center. Payments are posted the next business day if they are drawn from a TCF account or presented in the form of certified funds/cashier's check from another bank. Former Chemical Bank customers can continue to use those checks until they are depleted.

For the sake of quickness and convenience, TCF offers its mortgagors an online payment vehicle as well. Such a service is not automatic, however. Mortgage customers need to be set up for this arrangement.

Another way to handle the chore of monthly payments is to allow TCF to draw it from a designated account on a recurring basis. Again, this must be set up prior to closing. For the screen-weary, phone payments are made at ​1-800-TCF-LEND (823-5363)​.

Troubleshooting with TCF Representatives

Over the course of the life of a mortgage, issues arise from time to time. These can be major or minor. The important thing is to deal with a responsive customer service department.

Whether the issue is a discrepancy in a statement, a changed billing address, a question regarding amortization, suspected identity theft loan payoff amounts or scheduling an extra payment, borrowers can reach out to the Contact Center at 800-TCF-BANK Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time, and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Inquiries can also be made at the nearest TCF branch office.

A 2021 merger with Huntington Bancorp will result in a number of TCF branch closures. Huntington branches can be found here. Key for home loan borrowers is quick and thorough TCF mortgage customer service online, over the phone or in person.

TCF Help for Distressed Borrowers

Sometimes issues are more urgent. Unemployment, disability, legal expenses and other debts can make consistent payments more difficult over time. In such cases, the best course of action is to reach out to the lender right away.

Like many mortgage issuers, TCF can help financially-pressed customers. Allowing several months of forbearance gives the borrower a breather without affecting the terms of the loan. Another option is loan modification whereby the interest rate could be lowered or the term extended. Call 800-TCF-LEND to discuss alternatives.