Charities That Help With Rent

Charities That Help With Rent
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For various circumstances, many individuals find themselves in need of emergency financial assistance to help them pay their rent and avoid eviction. Acting quickly to pay delinquent rent is essential when it comes to avoiding late fees as well, but for some, this may be an impossibility. Fortunately, there are several charitable organizations in existence that provide qualifying individuals with temporary rental assistance.

Tenant's Associations

Tenant’s associations exist in many cities and are designed to provide resources and assistance to tenants with financial, legal and other needs. Your local tenant’s association may be able to provide you with an emergency rental stipend or direct you to a local organization or other charity that can help based on your income and financial needs.

Religious Charities

Many local churches operate food banks and provide monetary and other types of assistance to individuals in the community who are in need. Catholic Charities USA, one of the country's largest private networks of social services, has many financial and other programs in place to help renters. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul also has similar programs available. Contact local churches in your area and the local chapters of larger organizations to see whether you qualify for rental assistance.

Other Charities

One of the most recognized charitable organizations in the United States, the Salvation Army, has numerous programs and services designed to help individuals and families in need of rental and other types of assistance. The United Way, which offers programs similar to those of the Salvation Army, and Ways To Work, which provides emergency loans to low-income parents, may be other options for individuals needing help to pay their rent.