How to Get Taxi Vouchers

How to Get Taxi Vouchers
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A taxi voucher program offers taxi cab services at reduced rates for passengers needing transportation within, or outside of, fixed public transportation routes. Passengers are eligible for taxi vouchers based on their income. Taxi voucher programs are available for senior citizens, people with disabilities, low-income individuals and people living in rural areas. Once approved for participation, passengers may purchase taxi vouchers from the organization subsidizing the program.

Gather personal information before contacting the program. Eligibility in taxi voucher programs requires such information as age, address, annual income, whether you have a disability or use a wheelchair. In some areas, taxi voucher programs require filling out formal applications, providing photo identification and documented proof of a disability.

Contact the public transportation authority in the city or county in which you live. In many communities, the public transportation authority works with local taxi cab companies to operate the program. Ask the representative if a taxi voucher program is available in your city or county.

Contact the senior citizens or disabilities council serving your county. In many cities, an individual over 18 years old who has a disability and adults over 55 years old are eligible for a taxi voucher program, depending on their income.

Contact the local social services department in your county. People who receive public assistance, Medicaid, or social work services can find out information about taxi vouchers through the social services department in their area.

Contact local taxi cab companies. In most government subsidized taxi voucher programs, taxi cab companies do not sponsor the programs. However, the taxi cab company may be able to give you directions on where to go to apply for the voucher program.