How to Survive as a Senior on Limited Income

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After having spent much of your adult life working hard to pay your bills and build up your savings account, you want to be rewarded at retirement age by living a relaxed, stress-free life. However, along the way there may have been situations where you dipped into your savings or retirement account and are now a retiree living on a limited income. To survive on this income, look for ways to supplement it, cut back on bills, and get help from organizations dedicated to improving a senior's quality of life.

Request a senior discount wherever they are available. You will often find discounts at restaurants, coffee shops and cafes, grocery stores, clothing retailers, recreational activities, museums and movie theaters.

Contact your utility, water, phone and cable companies about possibly getting a senior discount or a discount for being a low-income individual.

Apply for nutritional supplement programs that are there to provide healthy meals to seniors who are not able to pay for nutritious foods. Meals on Wheels and SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Plan formerly known as food stamps, are two such programs (see Resources).

Apply for benefits that are available to help pay for groceries, utilities, medical expenses, transportation and other bills.


  • Local senior centers, government benefit websites, nonprofit organizations, and the free 2-1-1 information and referral line are all useful resources for obtaining help in your community.