How to Submit a Proposal to a Company for a Car Donation

Businesses are often looking for tax breaks. A common way to reduce taxable income is through charitable deductions. Not only is the business giving back to the community, but they are also saving on their taxes. If you are in need of a car donation for your non-profit charity, consider contacting local businesses with a donation proposal. It is important that your proposal clearly state the organization and how the donation will be used.

Locate businesses in your area. Search businesses nearby that you think would be interested in donating a car to charity. Obtain contact information such as the phone number and address for each business.

Call the businesses. Contact the business to find out if they are interested in contributing a charitable vehicle donation to a non-profit charity. You will need to explain the charity you are working on behalf of and how the donation will benefit others. Notify the business that you would like to follow-up with an official proposal. Verify the mailing address before ending the phone call.

Write the proposal for a car donation on the charity's official letterhead. You want the proposal to look professional. Briefly provide a short summary about the charity and their efforts. Include information about how the donations are used and how the charity helps. Directly propose your request for a donation. Specify any criteria you have for the vehicle donation. It is important to provide the charity's official name and Tax Identification Number for the business's records.

Mail the proposal to the business. If you do not receive a response within a couple weeks, contact the business with a follow-up phone call.

Arrange for the vehicle to be picked up or brought to the charity. When the car is collected, provide the business with a receipt of their donation.