How to Get Office Furniture Donations for Nonprofits

Donations of items such as office furniture to a nonprofit organization are known as in-kind contributions. The fair market value of the item can be deducted from the donor's tax liability as long as the gift is documented and, if the value is more than $5,000, a professional appraisal is on record. If your nonprofit organization is in need of office furniture, here are some ways to find a donor who will be able to provide it.


Register your organization with Gifts In Kind to find donations of new office furniture. This is a philanthropic organization that donates new products like office furniture from the corporations that make them to more than 150,000 registered charities. The registration form is available online. Once you are registered, your organization can search for the products you need or you can submit a wish list of the office furniture you want to get. You will normally be expected to pay the shipping costs involved.

Register at Ireuse online to find donations of used office furniture. This company charges for-profit organizations a fee for it to come and remove items like office furniture that organizations no longer wish to keep. Then, Ireuse provides the furniture for free to nonprofit organizations whose wish lists is on its site.

Post your request for donations of new or used office furniture on Craig's List. Be sure to put a link to your organization's website so that prospective donors will be able to verify who you are, what you do and whether their gift will qualify for a tax deduction. While this is a more hit-or-miss approach, it is free and may bring you the items you want quickly if they are available.

Call the companies that sell office furniture in your area. Explain that you are a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization in need of some new or used office furniture. Because their gift will qualify as both a tax deduction and as a goodwill gesture, the companies may be convinced to give you what you need. The larger office furniture supply stores may have specific giving policies and may ask you to submit a proposal in writing or online before they will fulfill your request.