Grants for PhD Programs

Grants for PhD Programs
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PhD programs require years of study and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, these programs are very research-oriented. Many organizations want to encourage doctoral students to conduct research that will change the world. There are many grants available for PhD students.

Government-Funded Dissertation Research Grants

Many organizations provide grants to PhD students conducting dissertation research relevant to their field. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality provides grants for students conducting dissertation research in the health services field. The Department of Housing and Urban Development also provides research grants for PhD students interested in urban planning.

College-Sponsored Grants

Universities also provide grants for their doctoral students. Students can receive grants if they work as research or teaching assistants. Students may even be eligible for stipends as well. These positions can be very competitive, especially for larger programs. However, students with the desired qualifications and the right area of specialization can apply through their program.

Corporate-Funded Specialty Grants

Many corporations also offer funding opportunities for PhD students as well. Google has created the Google U.S./Canada PhD Student Fellowship Program to help create funding for graduate students at eligible universities. Corporations are looking for students who will create work that will be valuable to their field. PhD students take advantage of these opportunities to further their careers.

Grants for Women and Minorities

Many organizations also provide grants for women and minorities. These grants include the American Indian Graduate Center Fellowships, National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science, Inc. and the American Association of University Women. Every program has its own eligibility requirements, so applicants will need to research what they will need to do to apply.