How to Store Foreign Currency When You're Not Using It

How to Store Foreign Currency When You're Not Using It
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Returning home from a foreign vacation can sometimes be a bit of a letdown, but worrying about where and how to stash your leftover foreign funds shouldn't add to your gloom. Some people choose to keep foreign currency as a souvenir of the vacation, while others want to take it to a bank and exchange it for U.S. funds. Occasionally the exchange rate plummets, or some financial institutions charge you a "buy back fee" to exchange your currency, causing you to lose money. If this is the case, you may want to consider storing it safely until you travel again or can get a better deal at the bank.

Place the foreign currency you wish to keep in a secure envelope or a box. Seal the envelope or box. Mark on the outside what type and how much of the currency is inside if it is a small amount and you intend on keeping it strictly for souvenir purposes.

Secure the currency in an envelope or box inside an in-home safe if you have a large amount of currency. This is the best way to store it if you intend to use it in the near future, since it is easily accessible.

Purchase a safe deposit box at your bank and place your foreign currency inside. Larger amounts of money should go to the bank for safekeeping. Think of it this way: If you wouldn't store that much of your native currency in a drawer in your bedroom, you shouldn't store that much foreign currency there either.