How to Stop Telemarketers from Calling My Business

The National Do Not Call Registry stops many unwanted telemarketing calls to private homes. It allows you to add your home telephone number to a list that shows you do not wish to get marketing calls. Telemarketers are required to check their solicitation lists and remove all registered numbers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) explains that it is not illegal to call business lines that have been added to the Do Not Call Registry. You may still be able to get them stop if you handle their calls in the right way.

Add the business telephone number to the National Do Not Call Registry through the federal website. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) explains that this is allowed, even though putting it on the registry does not legally stop telemarketing calls. Including it on the registry should still cut down on the number of solicitations received.

Ask telemarketers for the name, address and telephone number of their businesses. Get each caller's name, too, and keep track of this information. This procedure helps you identify future calls from the same company.

Ask the telemarketer to add your business telephone number to the firm's internal do-not-call list. Legitimate companies maintain lists of businesses that do not want to be bothered and honor requests to be added.

Remind repeat offenders that you requested removal of your business number from their solicitation lists if they call you again. Explain that you will consider any future calls as harassment and complain to the FCC, attorney general's office and Better Business Bureau if they continue to contact you.

Mail a letter to persistent businesses listing your phone number and asking them to cease and desist their solicitation calls. Send it certified and get a receipt so you know the offending party received it.

Send telemarketing calls to voicemail or put the callers on indefinite hold if they still bother you after repeated verbal and written requests to stop contacting your business. They may eventually stop if you waste their time instead of engaging in conversation.


  • Unscrupulous telemarketers sometimes refuse to give out their real contact information, making it difficult to send a do-not-call demand. It is possible to look up their phone numbers in an online database like 800 Notes or Who Calls Me. Businesses and individuals report information about telemarketers on those sites, often including addresses.


  • The FCC warns that adding a business fax line to the National Do Not Call Registry does not make it illegal for companies to send unwanted fax solicitations to that number. However, they are prohibited under other regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Junk Fax Protection Act.