How to Stop Eating Fast Food and Take Out

Eating take out has become an epidemic in the US. Healthy food is not served in fast food restaurants. We know we should be saving the money, and cooking at home but cringe when we see our own stove. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, American households in 2003 spent an average $2,211 a year, on eating take out. Stop! Break the cycle and teach yourself to avoid fast food and make better and healthier food choices!

First, you need to analyze how you eat to break the habit. When are you most likely to splurge on fast food? For many Americans, it seems late night eating and long days at the office will surely make you more eager to spend money on food instead of cooking at home. So, sit down and figure out those details. Be honest with yourself, and if you are a fast food junkie - total up the amount you spend each month. You will be surprised.

Learn a new skill, COOKING! Some people would rather live on take out than to actually learn to cook. It's sad, but true. Stop being scared of your kitchen and get your hands dirty! It's the only true way to learn. Cooking is a life-long skill that will come in pretty handy in your adult life. Learn to love it.

Keep your money at home! If your heading out to go shopping, or to the movies, or even just to run errands - leave your debit cards and cash at home. This way, even if you are tempted to grab a burger off the dollar menu, you can't. You can't spend what you don't have with you.

Buy groceries you actually LIKE. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to go buy a bunch of health food that they know they will never eat. Instead of wasting money on the "would-be" diet, buy foods you know you will eat and will enjoy. If you love pizza, buy frozen pizzas. If you like fried chicken, buy the prepared breaded chicken to stick in the oven.

One of the biggest advantages to eating at home is to actually SEE and KNOW what is in your food. Most burgers from take-out are not all beef. It contains fillers and soy bean products. By cooking and eating at home, you will be able to control what is really being put into your body.


  • Still not convinced? Watch the documentary "Super Size Me" by Morgan Spurlock. Enough said. That will ultimately scare you away from fast food.