How to Stop Cold Calls for Credit Card Rate Reduction

How to Stop Cold Calls for Credit Card Rate Reduction
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If you get a call from a company that says it can lower your interest rate for you, it's probably a scam. These companies charge you a fee, claiming that they can get you a better rate on your credit card. However, they can't do anything that you can't do yourself. Since these companies commonly call you even if you're on the federal Do-Not-Call list, it may take a little bit more work to get them to stop calling you.

Put your phone number on the federal Do Not Call Registry by entering it into the government's Do Not Call website. This stops companies that follow the law from calling you. It can also give you the ability to take action against companies that call you illegally.

Simply hang up if you get a call -- pressing a button in response to the menu does not get you deleted from the list (no matter what the recording says). What it does is to confirm that the call reached a person who listened to the menu and took an action. In other words, it can get you more calls. if you can't get them to stop calling by hanging up, do talk to a representative and try to get as much information about the company as possible -- at a minimum, a phone number and company name is good to get. The information will be useful to you if you choose to report them to the government.

File a complaint with the national Do Not Call Registry by filling in the appropriate form on its website, if your line is in the registry. You will need to fill in your phone number, and the time and date of the call to get started; the form will next ask you for additional information about the caller and your relationship to him, if any. The Federal Trade Commission uses your complaints to decide when to launch enforcement actions and may end up suing the company that called you.

Talk to your telephone company about blocking calls from numbers that persistently call you. Ask the phone company if blocking the numbers involves paying a fee; if so, it may not be worth doing, since these scammers commonly change their numbers frequently and continue to call.


  • If you do want a lower interest rate on your credit card, call the credit card company yourself and ask for one. It may lower your rate to keep your business, especially if you're a good customer.