How to Stop CalWorks Benefits

Under the CalWorks program, a low-income adult can receive cash assistance for up to 60 months. Children can receive benefits beyond the 60-month limit. If you no longer meet the eligibility requirements for CalWorks due to a change in your income or household circumstances, you can withdraw your request for benefits. Once you cancel your benefits, you will not be eligible to request a hearing. However, you can reapply for benefits at any time.

Compose a letter expressing your desire to stop receiving CalWorks benefits. On the letter, include your name. You can also include the names of other individuals in the home for whom you are receiving benefits.

Take or mail the letter to your local California Department of Social Services branch.


Complete the "CW 89 Application Withdrawal Request" provided by your caseworker. Completing this form is not a requirement. It is optional. On the form, you can state your reason for canceling your benefits. A copy of the CW 89 will be placed in your file.


You'll receive a "CW 10 Notice of Withdrawn Application." This notice will be mailed to you by your caseworker, confirming that your request to cancel benefits has been processed.



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