How to Find Stocks That Pay Monthly Dividends

by Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017
Find Stocks That Pay Monthly Dividends

Items you will need

  • Internet or other stock researching method
  • Investment Account

There are many stocks or mutual funds that pay great monthly dividends. If you hold these stocks or mutual funds in your portfolio for the long-term, you can start making some great income. The best part is most of these stocks are basically hassle free.

Step 1

Check out websites such as Yahoo Finance, MSN Money and Motley Fool under the "Investing" tabs. Most of these websites have lists for the best dividend paying stocks, Mutual Funds and ETF's. From there you can look at the dividend history and determine if it pays monthly dividends or not. These websites sometimes also have expert advice for a particular stock and why they think it's a safe investment.

Step 2

There are many online stock screeners that will allow you to search through thousands of stocks and find ones with monthly dividends. Try the screeners on Yahoo Finance and MSN Money for example. Most of them will also let you sort from highest to lowest yield too. These screeners are a great place to start when looking for monthly dividend paying stocks.

Step 3

You can check into the stocks, mutual funds, and ETF's of companies such as Alpine, Blackrock, Dreyfus and Oppenheimer. Many of these companies mutual funds and ETFs pay monthly dividends. Most of their websites have a category for mutual funds and stocks for "income" and "dividends."

Some other examples of monthly dividend paying stocks are: PHT (Pioneer High Income Trust, CHY (Calamos High Income), BHY(Blackrock High Yld). AOD and AGD both pay a monthly dividend and are currently yielding around 15%. AOD pays a monthly $.12 dividend, and AGD pays $.11 monthly (in 2008, they were paying $.18 and $.17!). Both of these are closed-end mutual funds and considered safe investments. For example, if you invest just $3,000 in AOD, you would be getting a $50 dividend every month.

Step 4

Check into Canadian Oil Trust stocks such as PGH, HTE and PWE. These all pay high monthly dividends, however are considered slightly risky because of their inconsistent dividend histories. These funds tend to change their dividend payout frequently and follow the prices of oil in Canada and the US.

Step 5

Another great website that lists stocks and mutual funds that pay monthly dividends can be found here:

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  • Some of the stocks listed in this article may be riskier than others. It's always a good idea to consult with your broker or Financial Adviser before making investment decisions.