What Are Stock Trading Tickets?

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A stock trading ticket is a form that confirms that a securities trade has been executed. In other words, it’s your receipt. Informally known as deal tickets, trading tickets are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Stock trading tickets provide all the details of a stock transaction that you need for recordkeeping and tax purposes.

What Goes on a Trading Ticket

In the past, stock trading tickets were paper forms. Today, they are typically created in electronic format. Whatever the medium, a stock trading ticket contains the same information. The ticket states whether the trade was a buy, sell or other order type, such as a short sale, and identifies the stock traded. The number of shares and the price are listed along with the date and time the trade was executed. The account number of the person making the trade is included, as are the names of the broker who executed the order and that of the broker with whom the transaction was carried out. Stock trading tickets also record the exchange where the trade took place. If a foreign currency was involved, it is listed along with the currency exchange rate. Stock trading tickets also detail the transaction costs and net amount after subtracting these costs.