Free Stock Tracking Programs

Free Stock Tracking Programs
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If you want to be a successful trader or investor, you can take advantage of free stock tracking programs. These tools allow you to monitor your portfolio. They show you which stocks you have bought and help you track your dividends and capital gains. Many of these programs also allow you to trade.

Personal Stock Streamer

Personal Stock Streamer is a free stock tracking and trading application. This tool enables you to keep track of all your stock watch lists and investment accounts. You can manage your dividends, dividend reinvestments and capital gains. It allows you to monitor multiple trading accounts at the same time. Personal Stock Streamer allows you to execute trades. However, your brokerage firm must support the software. This software will confirm that your trade transactions took place. Personal Stock Streamer archives all of your transactions. You can analyze them and create reports.


PortfolioXL is a plug-in for Microsoft Excel. A plug-in is an additional application that is installed and used through a web browser. PortfolioXL enables you to keep track of your portfolio. You can manage securities, such as index and mutual funds and stocks. PortfolioXL uses Yahoo! Finance to download the quotes. The program allows you to use one workbook to track multiple portfolios. It also automatically produces a history of all your transactions so that you can refer to them at a later time.

World Stock Charts

World Stock Charts can track securities from 27 countries. It supports 49 stock exchanges. You can use the Accounts Manager and unlimited watch lists tools to track your long-term and short-term positions. One of the tools that World Stock Charts provides is called Pocket Charts. You can use your PocketPC to download stock or index data from the Internet. Then, you can access interactive charts on your personal digital assistant.