How to Find a Stock Price on an Exact Day

While nearly all stock websites contain some type of historical database that shows the ups and downs of a stock’s price through months or years, few of these websites have the ability to show the stock price on a specific date. If you need to find the price of a stock on an exact day though, a few online systems do provide the tools to narrow your stock history to one chosen date.

Use the "Historical Stock Price Values" tool on the MarketWatch website to find stock prices for a specific date. Enter the symbol of the stock, or a keyword for the company if you don’t know the stock symbol, into the first box in the tool. Then enter the date into the second box and press the arrow button to see the stock’s movement on that day, including the closing stock price.

Get historical data for a stock on the Big Charts "Historical Quotes" page. Powered by MarketWatch, the Big Charts tool works similarly to the MarketWatch tool, though it requires the stock symbol. If you don’t know the stock symbol, enter a keyword for the stock into the search box in the upper right of the page to find the stock and the stock symbol. Then return to the Historical Quotes tool to enter the stock symbol and date.

Find the stock price for one exact day or for a range of specific days using Yahoo Finance’s "Historical Prices" tool. Use the drop-down menus to select the first date of the date range next to “Start Date” and to select the last date in the date range next to “End Date.” Enter the stock symbol or a keyword into the box labeled “Get Historical Prices for” to the upper right of the “Set Date Range” box and click the “Go” button to view a chart with the prices of the stock on those dates.

Review all historical data for a specific stock, including daily prices and fluctuations for the stock with access to the Center for Research in Security Prices, run by the University of Chicago. Unlike the other stock sites mentioned, CRSP requires a subscription, which can be obtained by contacting CRSP by email at [email protected] or by phone at 312-263-6400. CRSP has earned a reputation as a comprehensive and accurate stock price history database.