How to Start Couponing Easily

Couponing is a great way to save money on everything from groceries to eating out and clothing. Most people don't bother to coupon because they think it is just too hard. This is not true. Using coupons is not only easy but it is rewarding as well.

Forget about saving 90 percent on your next grocery bill. Even if you save only a few dollars, you have successfully couponed. Before you go to the grocery store, go online and print out a few coupons for items that you know you need. This starts you off saving money with coupons with little effort.

Subscribe to your local Sunday paper. Not only do you save money on the cost of buying the newspapers individually, but you also won't miss out on good coupons.

Place a bowl on the kitchen counter and toss in those loose coupons that come in product packaging and that they hand you at the cash register in your store.

Sit down once a week, preferably on Sunday, and clip all the coupons from the Sunday paper and any magazines in the house. Put the coupons in envelopes or a coupon organizer.

Start looking at blogs such as and after you have the hang of using a few coupons. These blogs tell you what coupons to use -- and where and when -- to get the most for your money.

After you get used to couponing, you will find it easy. You may even consider this money saving venture a new, fun hobby. Stick with it, and you will soon be a couponing pro.


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