How to Spot the 900 Number Telemarketing Scam

How to Spot the 900 Number Telemarketing Scam. Telemarketing scams are, unfortunately, something that consumers need to protect themselves from. Phone numbers that begin with 900 area codes have been reported to deceive callers and overcharge them for the time spent on their lines. Read the following tips to learn how to spot the 900 number telemarketing scam.

Use caution when calling a number that advertises free information about sports, weather, the stock market, money management or credit cards. Psychic readings and other forms of entertainment may be advertised as being free. You could be connected to a number with a 900 area code without your knowledge.

Expect to incur high charges for the phone call. Some 900 numbers connect to foreign countries. You may speak with someone who claims to have the information you seek. The business can set their own rates and charge you as much as they see fit.

Dispute the charges with your telephone company. Spend time attempting to convince the phone company that you are not liable for the charges. Get the contact information for the business connected to the 900 phone number from your phone bill or telephone provider and call the business to take up the charges with them.

Report the number to the telephone company and to the appropriate agencies. Local law enforcement agencies, the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission may be able to help.

Consider protecting yourself by blocking incoming and outgoing 900 calls. Request the service from your telephone provider.


  • A few federal laws protect consumers from 900 area code scams. Read up on them and protect yourself with them if you believe you've been scammed. Some numbers beginning with a 900 area code may be used for legitimate business purposes. Call the operator and request a trace of the number to determine where the business connected to the number is located.


  • Numbers with 900 area codes are governed under United States laws. These laws require the business operating with the number to inform you of charges associated with the number. Always look for fine print on an advertisement that contains a 900 area code number.

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