How to Speak to a Live Person at Experian

by Juel Andrea ; Updated September 11, 2015
Connecting to an Experian agent includes a series of prompts.

There sometimes are questions on a credit report that can only be resolved by speaking directly to a customer service agent. Figuring out the automated series of prompts can feel like a maze. With a few preparatory steps, and a road map as to what numbers to enter when prompted, the maze can become a straight line. With a few correct taps on your phone's touch pad, you can speak to an Experian customer service agent.

You will need a current copy of your credit report.

Place a current copy of your credit report in front of you.

A customer service agent is a phone call away.

Dial customer service at 888-397-3742.

When prompted, enter the corresponding number.

Push 2 on your phone's touch pad at the first prompt. This is for "all other options." Push 2 again to bypass hearing the rules and regulations pertaining to fiscal reporting in your state.

Tap 6 on your phone's touch pad. This is the option for agent assistance.

Have your account number ready.

Push 0 and have your credit report ready. You will need to enter your account number at the next prompt.

After following the steps, you will be connected to a live agent.

Enter your account number when prompted. You are now in the queue to speak live to an agent.

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