How to Speak to a Live Person at Experian

How to Speak to a Live Person at Experian
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There sometimes are questions on a credit report that can only be resolved by speaking directly to a customer service agent. Figuring out the automated series of prompts can feel like a maze. With a few preparatory steps, and a road map as to what numbers to enter when prompted, the maze can become a straight line. With a few correct taps on your phone's touch pad, you can speak to an Experian customer service agent.

Place a current copy of your credit report in front of you.

Dial customer service at 888-397-3742.

Push 2 on your phone's touch pad at the first prompt. This is for "all other options." Push 2 again to bypass hearing the rules and regulations pertaining to fiscal reporting in your state.


Tap 6 on your phone's touch pad. This is the option for agent assistance.


Push 0 and have your credit report ready. You will need to enter your account number at the next prompt.


Enter your account number when prompted. You are now in the queue to speak live to an agent.