How to Get Short Term Health Insurance Immediately

Short term health insurance is designed to cover your health insurance needs between jobs--or provide coverage while you wait for permanent insurance. The policies have terms between 2 months and a year. You are often given the option to renew short term health insurance policies one time only. Since there's a limited time that the company is obligated to cover you, the claims risk is lower--as is the premium.

Check websites that offer comparisons between short-term health insurance plans. These sites often guarantee that coverage begins the business day following your approved application. Compare rates and companies to find the plan that best fits your needs.

Research websites for individual carriers. Anthem, Golden Rule, Assurant and Aetna are just a few of the companies that offer short-term health insurance.

Find fliers at a local college. Many health insurance companies leave fliers in college common areas. These fliers often contain applications. Fill out the application and mail it in. If you do not have any health issues, the policy will be in effect on the post-marked date.

Call your auto insurance representative or life insurance agent. These companies often offer ancillary products and services, including short-term health insurance. A local agent will filter the health insurance companies and answer questions.

Call your state insurance department and ask which companies sell short term health insurance. Most companies offer next-day coverage for those that qualify.

Make sure you qualify. Companies won't accept you if you have previously been rejected for health coverage, weight over 300 lbs. for men or 250 for women, and are pregnant or getting fertility treatments. You may also be denied if you've had abnormal test results, medical treatment, consulted a health care physician or taken medication for any heart disorder, chest pain, heart attack, emphysema, Aids or HIV, Crohn's, hepatitis, ulcerative colitis, kidney disorder or stones, stroke, cancer or tumor, diabetes or had a problem with alcoholism or chemical dependency in the last 5 years. No matter your health condition, fill out an application; most states offer guaranteed insurance for individuals who are rejected by 2 or more companies.