How to Set Up Your W4 to Get a Bigger Refund

A Form W-4 is used to determine the amount of federal taxes your employer is required to withhold from your paycheck each pay period. Each time you begin a new job or have a change in your financial situation, you should complete a Form W-4. Your employer determines the amount of taxes to withhold from your pay by referring to lines 5 and 6 of Form W-4. Therefore, if you wish to receive a larger refund, you must adjust the form to withhold a larger amount of taxes throughout the year.

Enter "0" into lines A through H.

Complete lines 1 through 4 by entering your name, Social Security number, address and filing status.

Enter "0" into line 5. This is the number your employer refers to when determining the amount of taxes to withhold from your paycheck. By entering "0," your employer will withhold the maximum amount of taxes allowed for your tax bracket.

Enter "0" into line 6 if you do not wish to have your employer withhold an additional amount of money from your paycheck. If you wish to receive an even larger refund, consider entering "10" or "20." This requires your employer to withhold the maximum amount of taxes and an additional $10 or $20 dollars from each paycheck.

Place a line through line 7.

Sign and date the form and return it to your employer.