How to Set Up a Personal Stock Portfolio

How to Set Up a Personal Stock Portfolio
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A personal stock portfolio is a listing of stocks in which you've invested. You can pull up your portfolio every business day to check the stock prices and manage stock market risks over time. Even if you haven't yet put your money into the companies, it's still smart to create a portfolio to track each stock's performance. You can then make an educated decision on whether you want to jump in and put your money at stake. Use an online service to set up your personal stock portfolio.

Set up a personal stock portfolio using the tool at Zacks Investment Research website. Sign up for a free account to start establishing a stock portfolio to track. Add your stock symbols to the online tool to view the stocks at a glance. You can create multiple portfolios and view the information in a number of different formats. The tracker also makes recommendations and announces earnings for the companies in your portfolio.

Use the Wall Street Survivor website to create and manage a portfolio. This website allows you to form a custom portfolio and also practice trading stocks. When you sign up for free you get $100,000 in virtual money to spend on stocks. View the stocks in your portfolio in a convenient table format. Navigate the website to learn more about stocks and how to efficiently manage your portfolio going forward.

Establish a personal stock portfolio using Zignals. This free portfolio manager tool displays the stocks, along with charts and statistics regarding the stocks in the same screen. You can view the total value, net profit, initial investment alongside the stocks, which update in real-time. You can also import the portfolio information in CSV (comma-separated values) format to view in a spreadsheet program.