How to Set Schwab Trail Stops

by Bryan Clark ; Updated July 27, 2017

A stop order is an order that you put on stocks -- it is a point at which you would sell the stock. For example, if your stock’s current value is $35, you might set a stop order at $30, so that if the stock ever fell to this value it would automatically be sold for you. A trailing stop is a stop order that trails the price of your stock. As your stock price rises, your stop order price rises with it, trailing by however many points you specify.

Step 1

Start up your Schwab trading software.

Step 2

Select the stock for which you would like to set the trailing stop.

Step 3

Select “Execute SmartEx Order” from the menu.

Step 4

Select “Trailing Stop” as your order type.

Step 5

Select the quantity of stock for which you would like to set the trailing stop.

Step 6

Select the “Time in Force.” If you would only like the trailing stop to be active during active trading hours, select “DAY.”

Step 7

Select your trailing amount. You can select this as a percentage value or a dollar value.

Step 8

Select “Verify Order.”


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