How to Send a Payment Through PayPal Using a Bank Account

How to Send a Payment Through PayPal Using a Bank Account
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PayPal will prompt you for your bank account information when you first create a PayPal account, but you can add a bank account any time. PayPal automatically defaults to sending money from your bank account when sending a payment after first deducting funds from any money you have in your PayPal account.

Sending Money

Log into your PayPal account. Click on the icon to “Pay or Send Money” near the top of the page, or the “Send & Request” icon farther up. Select whether you are sending money to friends and family, or paying for goods or services. Input your recipient’s email or mobile telephone number at the next screen. After you click “Next,” a new screen will appear displaying how the money will be sent. It typically will be split between any PayPal balance and your bank account. If your bank account is not displayed, click on the arrow to the right for a list of your linked accounts, and select your bank account from that list. Sending money this way is free and your recipient never sees your bank account information.

Adding a Bank Account

It’s easy to add a bank account to PayPal. On the left side of your PayPal home or “Summary” page is a list of bank accounts, credit cards or debit cards you currently have linked. Click on the arrow next to “Banks and Cards,” or the “Wallet” link below that or at the top of the page. Detailed account information will appear, with a link to add a bank account. Input all of the information accurately and follow the instructions to confirm your bank account. Once the account is confirmed, it is available for you to use with PayPal.