How to Send Money From USA to Hong Kong

Sending money from one country to another is not as difficult as it used to be. There are several ways to send money from the United States to Hong Kong. While it is not very safe to send cash in an envelope or package, you can use a service like MoneyGram or Western Union to transfer money quickly and conveniently from the United States to Hong Kong and many other countries.

Hot to Send Money from the United States to Hong Kong

Determine how much money you would like to send to Hong Kong. Using cash for the MoneyGram or Western Union transfer is the most convenient method. Take into consideration the transfer fee. As of late 2009 the MoneyGram fee was $11 (in U.S. currency) for the first $500 you wish to send and an extra $5 for each additional $500. The fee for Western Union transfers was $12 for the first $200 sent and $30 for amounts exceeding $200.

Locate a local MoneyGram or Western Union agent in your area and go to the location. There are thousands of agents worldwide. Use the MoneyGram website ( or the Western Union website ( to find an agent nearby.

Ask the MoneyGram or Western Union agent for a money transfer to Hong Kong. Fill out the send form and provide the agent with a form of personal identification, such as a driver's license or passport.

Give the agent the amount, in cash, that you would like to transfer, plus the transfer fee amount.

Contact the person in Hong Kong who is receiving the money and provide the person with your full name and the transfer reference code that the MoneyGram or Western Union agent gives you. Tell your contact to visit one of the several MoneyGram or Western Union agents in Hong Kong, give the agent the transfer reference code and personal identification, and fill out a receive form in order to pick up the money. The money is typically be available 10 minutes after you receive the transfer reference code.


  • The Western Union website offers money transfer via credit or debit card to electronically send money to Hong Kong. This method still requires that you give your name and the transfer reference code to your contact in Hong Kong so that he or she may withdraw the money.

    To avoid transfer fees, open a bank account in the United States with HSBC or Citibank and deposit money in this account. Give your contact in Hong Kong access to the bank account so that he or she can visit an HSBC or Citibank branch in Hong Kong to withdraw the money. Because the process of opening a bank account can take several days and getting a deposit to clear so that it can be withdrawn overseas can take even longer, this method is not advisable for those looking for a quick solution for sending money to Hong Kong.