How to Send Money Through Quick Collect

How to Send Money Through Quick Collect

Quick Collect is a Western Union service that lets you send payments quickly and without hassle. If you have bills that you have to pay right away, such as your mortgage or car payment, use Quick Collect to avoid late fees, service charges or bad credit.

Log onto Click on "new users sign up here," located under the yellow sign-in box on the lower left side of the screen, to create a new account.

Type your personal information in the fields on the next screen. Check the box indicating how you choose to have your personal information disclosed, then type the required security code as shown in the box. Click continue to go to the next screen.

Choose a user name and password and type in your birth date. Answer the required security questions so Western Union can identify you in case you forget your password. Click the continue button to move to the next screen.

Decide whether to save a credit card to your profile by clicking in the appropriate circle, then hit continue.You've arrived at the confirmation page.

Go to your profile page. Select "send money" to the right of the screen under the words "Transact Online."

Choose your state and country and the money transfer service you wish to use, such as transfer to a bank account or to a Western Union location. Click continue to move to the next screen.

Fill in the receiver's information.You can choose between a "Direct to Bank" transaction or a "Money in Minutes" transaction.

Click continue to enter your payment information. Confirm your information, and your money is on it's way.


  • Passwords should be at least 7 to 16 characters and contain at least one capital letter and one number.

    Save time by entering a credit card to your profile if you'll be using Quick Collect again in the future.

    Make a Quick Collect payment in person at any location in your area.


  • Send money only to people or providers you know and trust.

    If you suspect fraud, contact Western Union at 1-800-325-6000.