How to Send Money Orders by Overnight Mail

If you have a payment due — or simply need to get money to someone fast — a money order mailed overnight is one way to make it happen. Money orders don’t come with the same protections as a check, so it’s important to use the protection the post office provides, especially if the money order is written for a large amount. Always check your addresses before sending something through overnight mail.

Obtain a money order. The post office sells money orders for a low fee. Some gas stations, banks and private companies also sell money orders.

Fill out the information on the money order. Provide the name of the person or company receiving the payment, as well as the required address information. Enter your name, your address and the purpose of the payment. Remove the stub from the money order.

Ask a postal clerk for an envelope for overnight mail. Address the envelope. Insert the money order into the envelope.

Request insurance and delivery confirmation on the overnight mailing parcel. Insure the parcel for the amount of the money order when the clerk asks how high the insurance should be.

Ask the clerk to send the parcel. Check to be certain it arrived safely.