How to Send Money From Nigeria to the USA

One of the most convenient ways to send money to the United States from Nigeria is through Western Union. Just bring everything you need to the nearest Western Union office and you should be done in a matter of minutes. To find a Western Union office near you, visit and click “Find an Agent” in the top right corner of the home page.

Fill out the Western Union “Send Money” form. Print clearly and legibly in capital letters when completing the “Send Money” form. Make sure you complete the form in its entirety, including the recipient's name, the amount of money you’re sending them and the city where they’ll pick the money up.

Take the completed form to the Western Union agent with your state-issued ID, the amount of money you’re sending and the applicable fees to send money through the Western Union service. Some agents do not take debit cards, so call your local Western Union to make sure they accept the type of payment you plan to present.

Find the control number on your receipt once you’ve sent the money and paid for any applicable service fees. Call the recipient and give them the control number. When they pick the money up, they must print the control number on the “Receive Money” form in order to get the money.


  • Instead of trying to remember the recipients information have them text it to your phone, verify it with them and open up the text message when it’s time to complete the “Send Money” form.

    Make sure you let the recipient know exactly how much money you’re sending them, when they complete the “Receive Money” form it will ask them to fill in the amount as well as the name and city of where the money is being sent from.


  • Make sure you complete the correct form. There’s a “Receive Money” form and a “Send Money” form. You want the latter form, otherwise you’ll have to complete the correct form and it may take you longer to complete the process.