How to Send Money to Malaysia

How to Send Money to Malaysia
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There are several ways to send money to Malaysia. You can send money using a cash advance on a credit card, a money transfer service, cashier's check or online bank transfer. Compare options to determine the lowest cost and the safest method for sending money to Malaysia.

Arrange for a wire transfer to a checking or savings account in Malaysia. Provide your bank or credit union with the recipient's name and her bank account routing number. Ask when the funds should be available in the recipient's bank account to make sure that the transfer is successful.

Arrange for a wire transfer at a money transfer store. Money transfer agents are located in grocery stores, large retail stores, payday loan stores and check cashing stores. Contact the recipient to find out where is a viable location to send the money. Money order stores usually accept a credit card to transfer money, but the transaction may be treated as a cash advance by your card company.

Send the money online. Use an Internet global transfer money agent to send the money to Malaysia. Some of the money transfer agents located in stores also have online components. Visit the website and follow the prompts on the homepage to send money. Money will be drawn from a checking, debit or credit card account for the transfer.

Send a cashier's check or international money order to Malaysia. Get the cashier's check from your bank or credit union using cash or funds from your bank account. Send the check with a mail carrying service that will provide a tracking number and delivery confirmation.


  • Check the exchange rate before sending money so that you can send the recipient the correct amount of money in Ringgits—the Malaysian currency.