How to Send Money Instantly to Someone From My Bank Account

How to Send Money Instantly to Someone From My Bank Account
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If you're in a bind and you need to quickly transfer money, a number of options are available. But the best option is to send a wire transfer from the bank or other financial institution that holds your account. A wire transfer, sometimes called an electronic funds transfer, sends money electronically from your account and into another.

Talk to the Recipient

Talk to Your Bank Teller

Use a Money Transfer Service

Pay Any Fees

Fill Out Any Required Forms

Get Confirmation of the Transfer

Once you have completed the wire transfer, be sure to call the recipient and confirm that the funds were received. Your bank or money transfer service will give you a transaction receipt with the wiring information on it, so if anything is amiss you can take this back to the institution and ask for assistance in sorting out the problem.

Keep in mind that while wiring money instantly transfers money out of your bank account, it could take a few hours for the transfer to be credited in the recipient's account. There is a wire cutoff time in the late afternoon. Wires made after this cutoff will not be credited until the following business day.