How to Send Money to Bosnia

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If you need to send someone money in Sarajevo, Banja Luka or another city in Bosnia, you can use an online money transfer service. These services allow users to send money to someone in Bosnia from the United States through the use of a credit card.

Log on to your account with a money transfer service by entering your user name and password. If you do not have an account with such a service, sign up for one. Two such services are listed in the Resources section.

Click Send Money. From the state pull-down menu, select the state from which you are sending money. Select Bosnia and Herzegovina as the country to which you are sending money. Check that you are sending Money in Minutes to send money to the person immediately. With some services, this is the only option for sending money to Bosnia. Click Continue.

Type the name of your recipient in Bosnia and the amount you want to send. Note the exchange rate for converting your U.S. dollars to Bosnian marks or Euros. Click Continue.

Select whether you want your recipient to receive the cash in U.S. collars, Bosnian marks or Euros. Click Continue. Enter your credit card information and note the total amount that will be charged to your card, including fees. As of June 2010, money transfer services charge $20 to $145 in fees for sending money to Bosnia. Click Continue.

Notify your recipient that you have sent him money and tell him the name of the money transfer service you've used. Your recipient may pick up the money in Bosnia at an affiliate of the money transfer service.