How to Send Instant Money Online

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Money transferring services have been around for ages. Mostly, people relied on bank wire transfers for sending money to distant places. If you’re looking for an instant money transfer, then perhaps the fastest option is Western Union or Xoom. Both companies allow the sender to transfer funds online. The money may be received by the recipient from an agent office in any country of the world within 10 minutes. Another option is to send the funds through PayPal. Although a transfer message arrives instantaneously to the recipient’s email, it takes one day for the recipient to withdraw the money to his bank.

Send Through Xoom or Western Union

Go to the Xoom or Western Union website (see References) and click the “Register” button. You will need to provide your personal details, including name, address, country, bank account or credit/debit card information.

Click on “Send Money” after you’re registered.

Select the country and enter the transfer amount in the respective fields.

Specify how you want your recipient to receive the funds. Bank deposit and cash delivery at doorstep methods can take a few business days. Since you’re looking for an instant money transfer, you should select the “Cash Pickup” or “Money in Minutes” method. Through this method, the money is transferred to a company’s agent in the recipient’s town within a few minutes.

Select the method of payment. You can choose bank account, credit or debit card.

Notify the recipient that the money is on its way. After completing the transaction with the company, you get a verification code, also known as a money transfer control number. You have to share this number with the recipient. Tell him to pick up the cash from the company’s agent location after revealing the MTCN.

Send Through PayPal

Go to PayPal’s website (see References) and click on “Sign Up.” Enter the required particulars to register. You can only start sending the money when you’re signed up.

Click the “Send Money” link after registration.

Enter the recipient’s email address in the respective field.

Specify the amount you want to send and the currency you want to send in. You can send in your local currency or the recipient’s (if she is in a different country).

Click “Continue,” review the transaction details and confirm the transfer. The money will then be transferred immediately to the recipient’s PayPal ID, if she has one. If not, PayPal will send her an email telling her how to sign up for PayPal to deposit the money to her bank. Retrieving the money from the bank usually takes one business day.