How to Send Flowers Cheap Internationally

How to Send Flowers Cheap Internationally
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Whether sending flowers home or abroad, there are a few simple ways to make sure the right flowers get to the right person, on the right continent! Websites like and can often be overpriced--over $100 to many overseas locations--but there are two simple ways to send internationally and inexpensively using florists: 1) search the web for a florist near the delivery location and order direct or 2) choose a florist close to you and have them do the leg work overseas.

Find a Florist at the Destination

Selecting a florist close to the delivery location, if you know the language and are familiar with the area. Not only will they be able to deliver it within 24 hours, but you won't have to pay a wire service charge. Use the Internet to select a few well-respected shops in the recipient's neighborhood.

Call shops to compare prices. Shop around for the best delivery fee, as well as the cost of the flowers. Local delivery in the United States and most of Europe ranges from $4 to $12.

For funeral or memorial service flowers, the funeral home or memorial park may have an on-site florist, in which case, there would be no delivery fee.

Place the order. The basic information usually consists of a description of the type of arrangement, a card message and the recipient's name, address and phone number. Once you've made sure they can complete the order with the flowers and style you want, they'll ask for a credit card number and personal information to complete the transaction.

Ask for an approximate delivery time and, if necessary, a delivery confirmation via email or phone call. Most florists don't mind doing this, but it needs to be requested.

Use a Local or Low-Cost Florist

Use a shop close to home. Talking to a florist in your own language ensures the order is completed correctly. If you don't have a flower shop of choice, or they don't have a wire service, use the Internet to find shops in areas with a low cost of living. Generally, flowers and wire charges there cost less. When you send flowers from a florist who will not be making the delivery, they are only able to control cost for the wire service (usually around $14 to $20); the florist making the delivery controls the cost of the actual flowers. You're sure to save a few dollars sending through a florist who charges less for the service.

Place the order. Again, they will ask for basic information: arrangement type, card message and recipient's information. Choosing an arrangement type, in this case, needs to be much more flexible than ordering through a shop near the delivery location. Substitutions may need to be made depending on stock and season.

Provide your credit card information to complete the transaction. Be sure to leave a phone number where you can be reached should any issues arise with the order or delivery, as is common with international orders.


  • Remember that because you are sending internationally, exchange rates apply. Although your credit card company will take care of all of the rates, be aware that what prices you are quoted can vary slightly from charges you see on the statement.


  • Make sure to use florists with a good rating. Sending through florists approved by TeleFlora or FTD ensures delivery intact and on time. You can research the options they offer on line (see References).