What Is SEMA & GEMB on My Credit Report?

It's not unusual to see acronyms and other shortened names for items on your credit report. These abbreviations may differ from the company names you associate your credit matters with. Both GEMB and SEMA are examples of these acronyms.


The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is a trade organization that specializes in bringing together manufacturers and consumers of special, unique and classic motorized equipment. One of the benefits SEMA offers its members is a credit reporting service. This service assists its members in making better, more relevant financial decisions. SEMA credit reporting occurs when a consumer borrows from a company that is associated with SEMA as a member.


General Electric Money Bank (GEMB) is the former name of a financial institution that provides credit for a number of national retailers. These may include hardware and home stores, discount retailers and department stores. If you see GEMB on your credit report, you have applied for or carry a card for one of these retailers. If you have several cards for stores that GEMB issued credit for, you may see more than one GEMB account listed on your credit report. In August 2014, GEMB changed its name to Synchrony bank, so you may see changes on your credit report that reflect this, such as the new acronym SYNCB. If you have negative information on your report from GEMB, you may still see this information for seven years from the date the negative event occurred, even if a company changes its name.