How to Sell a Used Mobile Home

How to Sell a Used Mobile Home
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If the U.S. government can sell mobile homes used to house Hurricane Katrina victims, you can sell your used mobile home. The price you'll get depends on the condition of your mobile home (both inside and the number of miles on it), the current market for mobile homes and how long you're willing to wait to make a sale. Clean your mobile home and make minor repairs before you sell it to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Assess the condition of your mobile home, since this will impact the selling price. A mobile home that is in good condition commands more than a mobile home that needs maintenance or is dated. How would you compare your mobile home with other mobile homes in your area?

Comparison shop to see what other owners are asking for a similar model of mobile home. Search several mobile home sale sites to see asking prices for single wides or double wides in your state (see Resources). Adjust the price of your mobile home so that it's competitive with similar homes in your area.

Spruce up your home, including the outside. Take pictures of each room, and include pictures of the outdoors and any nearby amenities, such as a lake or outdoor grill kitchen. Try to demonstrate what sets your mobile home apart from others in these pictures.

List your mobile home for sale by owner online using Mobile Home Classifieds or the National Multilist (see Resources). You can also list it on the sites you browsed when comparison shopping. Many of these sites offer free listings. Post all images when you list the home for sale, and write a description of the home's condition and present location.

Place a classified ad in your community newspaper. Describe your mobile home, including square footage and amenities.

Show the mobile home to any potential buyers who want to stop by. Before the viewing, make sure everything in the home is clean, open the blinds and the windows to let light in and inform neighbors that you're having potential buyers over.

Review any offers that come in. If you find an offer that you like, accept it. If you're having trouble selling your mobile home in three to six months, consider lowering the price to make it more attractive.

Hire a real estate agent to sell your mobile home if you don't have the time to devote to managing the sales transaction or are unable to attract buyers. A good real estate agent will help you show your home in the best light.

Before choosing a real estate agent, find out what her commission will be, whether it's paid by the buyer or the seller, whether she has mobile home sales experiences and how she'll handle open houses. Check references to make sure past clients have been happy with her work before you hire her.

Sell your mobile home to a liquidator or a mobile home company if you need to close the deal. These companies typically pay lower prices but are convenient resources for a quick sale.