How to Sell Your Timeshare for Free

You can eliminate the costs of selling a timeshare property by doing the legwork yourself. From making and printing hard copy promotional items to using free Web-based advertising space, you can get information about your timeshare into the hands of potential buyers in no time.

Do the leg work. Advertise the timeshare property to potential buyers. Move beyond word-of-mouth to include an actionable marketing plan. Use Internet bulletins or web advertising to spur interest and move potential buyers toward an actual transaction.

Use an online photo gallery or create a virtual tour to inspire buyers to request a real tour of the property.


Make arrangements for a tour of the timeshare. Organize a date and time for the viewing and follow up with a confirmation call to prevent last-minute cancellations or no-shows.


Continue to saturate the market with information. Attract interest by getting the word out. Follow up the first marketing push with additional online advertising, fliers and other promotional materials.


Use websites specifically geared toward free timeshare transactions. Consider sites such as Timeshare Buy or Sell, Timeshare 4 or Tug 2, where you can provide information about your timeshare property.