How to Sell Land in Georgia By the Owner

How to Sell Land in Georgia By the Owner
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If you own property in Georgia, consider selling it by owner to save money on fees and real estate commission. Also, some buyers in Georgia consider purchasing a “For Sale by Owner” property before other property, since not paying a commission is beneficial to the seller and is passed on to the buyer saving the buyer money. According to Investopedia, marketing your property is important. Although it requires more work, the end result is worth the extra time and effort.

Survey the property you are selling by owner. According to CNN Money, it is more important now than ever to know where your property lines are. Prevent any future disputes or questions by having a newly updated survey completed by a professional.

Visit the Georgia Multiple Listing Service (MLS) website (see Reference section.) View properties in your area and determine a good listing price for your property.

Advertise your property for sale in Georgia. Use large papers, such as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, to reach a bigger crowd. Also, run ads locally and place a sign on the property stating it is “For Sale by Owner.” Include your contact information when marketing your property.

Create a sales contract when a buyer emerges. Provide the names of the buyer and seller, a property description and sales prices. Also, include any details, such as contingencies, in the contract. Georgia state law requires that an individual be at least 18 years old to enter into a contract; therefore, ask for identification and make sure any buyer is of legal age.

Contact a title company or an attorney in Georgia to handle the closing of the sale. The closing agent does a title search and creates a new deed showing that you are conveying the property to the new owner. The use of professionals protects all parties involved. Additionally, you will be paid for your property after completing the sale of the property by owner.


  • Use your local telephone book to locate a survey company. Have a copy of your deed for the property available.