How to Sell Recycled Items

How to Sell Recycled Items
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As many Americans continue on their quest to go green, opportunities to sell recycled items are more abundant than ever. Reusing and recycling keeps items like plastics, old shoes and clothing, toys and household goods out of the landfills and in continual circulation. This cuts down on the amount of overall waste produced, prevents household clutter and could provide you with a little extra pocket money.

Bring junk cars to the local automotive parts junkyard in your area. You may be able to sell it for the iron and scrap parts. Junk yards often offer a flat rate for the vehicle and tow it off your property before stripping the parts and recycling the metal for profit.

Search your local business market for consignment stores that sell quality used children's clothing and toys, adult clothing, books, computers and furniture. Contact the business and tell them what items you have to sell, and they can provide you with a profit quote. In turn, they resell your used items at affordable prices, keeping those items out of the landfill.

Sell recycled items online through a source like Amazon, Craigslist or eBay. Creating an account with an online source, and listing your recycled goods for sale is an easy way to get rid of those used items and earn a little extra money. You might also consider holding a yard sale to get rid of used items in your household.

Save recycled aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastics and then sell the bags to a local scrap dealer. The dealer calculates your profit based on the current price for scrap and the weight of your bags, providing you with cash on the spot.

Talk to your current cell phone service provider about their recycled cell phone program. Many service providers buy back used cell phones and offer credit toward the purchase of a new phone or a discount on your monthly bill.

Recycle used ink and printer cartridges at your local Staples stores. Staples allows customers to recycle up to 10 used cartridges per month, rewarding you with discounts and points toward products in their store.

Sell old gold and silver jewelry to a jewelry dealer, who then reuses the materials to create new jewelry pieces.