How to Sell My Pickup Truck

If you have a pickup truck to sell, you can sell it yourself and get enough money to put a down payment on another vehicle, or use the money for something else. To begin the sales process, determine your truck's value. Then, market the truck and complete the transaction with the other party.

Prepare your pickup truck for sale. Before you list your truck, clean it and make it look good. Take the truck to the car wash and completely clean the outside. Take any trash or other debris out of the inside of the truck. Then, use the vacuum cleaner at the car wash to clean the inside of the truck. Spend some extra time cleaning the truck as this can make a big difference in the eyes of potential buyers.

Determine the value of your truck by using the Kelley Blue Book or a similar tool. Visit the Kelley Blue Book website. Enter in the type of truck you have and its mileage. Select any additional options that your truck has that could increase its value. Try to be as accurate as you can when adding the features and gauging the condition of the truck. This will give you an idea of how much to list your truck for.

Begin marketing your truck in your local market as well as online. Putting a simple "For Sale" sign in the back window of your truck can make a big difference. Many people will contact you based on this sign alone. You also should list your truck online on vehicle sales sites like Auto Trader. Using free online classified ads, like Craigslist, also can be beneficial. Include multiple pictures in the listings and as much information as you can.

Answer any questions that potential buyers may have. When you list your truck online, many people will contact you to ask questions. Responding to these questions quickly and professionally can make a big difference in how fast you sell your truck. When someone wants to see the truck, set up a time to meet and allow them to inspect the vehicle. You may need to negotiate with a potential buyer when they make an offer to buy the truck.

Complete the transaction with the prospective buyer. You should only accept cash or a cashier's check for this type of transaction. Once they provide you with the money you agreed on, you will need to give them a bill of sale as well as the title to the truck. You and the buyer will need to fill out a form to transfer the title to the buyer. This form can be completed at the Department of Motor Vehicles or the state revenue office, depending on which state you live in.