How to Sell Gold Watches

When selling a gold watch, there are some pointers you should keep in mind of ways to sell your time-peice. Consumers are always in the market for anything made of gold, so finding somewhere to sell it is simple.

Advertise your gold watch. Marketing your watch will make it more appealing. Learn some facts about your watch and play up its attributes, such as the condition, if it is working, an antique. This may add some value to the end price.

Auction the watch online. Technology has made it possible to get the word out quickly and allow consumers to bid on your goods that you post. You will probably have to open a simple account with the website in order to sell your gold watch but this will allow you to retain more price acceptance control.

Research the value of your watch and price yours appropriately. Having a fair price for your gold watches will help them to sell faster as well as give you knowledge of what is a good asking price. Over-pricing your watch will slow the selling process.

Look for consumers and businesses that are buying. Searching for a business that buys watches or gold is best. Some businesses offer to pay for shipping if you sell to that business and you are out of town.

Go to your nearest pawn shop. Local pawn shops usually buy scrap gold, or jewelry. The better quality your watch is will determine what the pawn shop offers you. Other local businesses to look for are coin shops and exchanges.


  • Be sure to research exactly what your watch is worth before you sell.